31. Oct 2019 | News

“Abashiri Bar” – Bar-hopping in Abashiri

In comparison to its small population of only 34,000, Abashiri has quite a number of “izakaya” and local bars. Most of them are centered in Minami 3-jyo and 4-jyo (so-to-speak 3rd and 4th South Avenue). 

This event invites us to visit as much local bars as possible.  With a purchase of the event tickets, you can visit any of the bars in the list and get 1 free drink and free appetizer (not choosable) per ticket.

Period: November 1 to 30
Participating Izakayas/Bars: 29 in downtown Abashiri  
Price: 2500 yen for 3 tickets; 3500 yen for 5 tickets
Place of Purchase: Abashiri Tourist Information Board, Some Hotels,
Participating Izakayas/Bars