2. Feb 2020 | News

Special Trains from Abashiri to Shari Running in February

Train Time Table

Four extra JR trains will be running between Abashiri Station and Shari Station from February 1 to March 1. They’re trains for tourists to better enjoy the seaside view during the train ride.

Train #1 and #3 depart Abashiri Station at 9:45 and 12:45 everyday and arrive at Shari Station at 10:40 and 13:35, respectively. They will both stop at Kitahama Station, the station located nearest to the Okhotsk Sea, for 10 minutes. Here you can climb the observation deck and, if you’re interested, also have a look at the no-man station where the walls and ceiling are covered with name cards of the tourists who wish to leave their trace behind!

Train #2 and #4 depart Shari Station at 11:30 and 13:48 everyday and return to Abashiri Station at 12:30 and 14:46, respectively. These 2 trains stop at Hama Koshimizu for 20 minutes. You can go out and take a walk in the snow for an overlook of the Okhotsk Sea or do some souvenir shopping.

Please note that these special trains will not stop at other stations.
970 yen for one way. Children half price.