18. Sep 2022 | Nature

Hokkaido Trivia – Come Back, Salmon!

In Hokkaido, the opening of the autumn season is signaled by the arrival of salmons to the estuary of the rivers. The above 3 pictures show the fishing fans from local and afar who were waiting for this moment.

The salmons come back to where they were born to breed after a couple of years in the sea. After they get used to the fresh water from sea water at the estuary, they start to swim upstream the river. Fishing is allowed only before they start swimming upstream, outside the mouth of the river, to protect the salmons.

It’s really touching to see the salmons swimming upstream vigorously fighting the current. And when they die after spawning, they still benefit the environment as food source to many of the creatures.

In Abashiri salmons come up Abashiri River that runs through the residential area to the Tsubetsu mountain side. The pictures below show them as seen from the bank.

Autumn in Hokkaido is really short, but full of life.
Enjoy your activities in Hokkaido!!