27. Nov 2022 | Nature

Hokkaido Trivia – Hokkaido Alarmed by the “Blessings” from the Ocean

One of the recent topics in Japan is the huge school of sauries that suddenly appeared on the shores of the Okhotsk Sea in northeastern Hokkaido.  Because saury hardly comes close to the shore in such large numbers, the news spread fast in the country – people were craving to eat the seasonal delicacy that has become so expensive with the decrease in total catch.

Saury is not the only case.  Another example is the yellowtail fish which is known as winter delicacy mainly along the Sea of Japan.  It’s now caught along the coastline of Abashiri.  So are bluefin tuna.  (And on the other hand, crabs, shrimps, salmon and many other fish that were so common here are getting more and more rare. I’ll talk about this in my later Trivia.)

All these are probably the result of global warming, so we really can’t be excited about this😕