22. Jan 2023 | Lifestyle

Hokkaido Trivia – Back to School

A tiny tiny trivia today… 

Winter holidays just ended in schools in Hokkaido. 

Although there are some differences, most public schools in Hokkaido just started on January 18th.

Unlike most of the schools in Honshu where holidays are longer in summer than in winter, schools in Hokkaido (and some other prefectures that have harsh snowy winter) have longer holidays in winter. It owes to the heavy snow that can sometimes even close schools. The winter holidays are about 10 days longer than schools in Honshu.  

(If I were a child, I don’t know which system I’d prefer, though…)

Japan may be a small country, but since it stretches from north to south in a distance of approx. 3000km (1864 miles), there are great many differences in nature, lifestyle, food and even education.