24. Apr 2023 | News

Join the Stamp Rally and Win a Crab!

It’s now the season for the best hairy crabs in the Okhotsk area, and Abashiri Tourist Board is holding a stamp rally related to these delicious crabs. Collect 3 stamps and you get to participate in the lottery to win the prize.

The hairy crabs that fed themselves with the rich planktons under the drift ice is known to be the best quality at this timing of the year. So if you’re in town, and you are eating out in downtown Abashiri, why not collect these stamps and have some fun?

Here are the rules in short:
(Please note that you’ll first need to get the leaflet/form at your hotel or Michi-no-eki and probably at the participating facilities/restaurants.)

Period: April 20 to June 20
Stamps: Collect 3 stamps from
1) at least one from the restaurants in the list below
2) local hotels you are staying at (you gain 2 stamps)
3) spend Y1000~ at stores with the poster/leaflet below
4) local museums in the list below
Lottery: Will be held at Michi-no-eki anytime throughout the above period, and you’ll get your prize at the spot
Prizes: Fresh hairy crabs (1st prize) and other processed food using crab meat

The following list might be difficult for you to know what they serve. Could you please check with your hotel concierge or at the Tourist Board at Michi-no-eki.

Restaurants (30 in total): Kaniya, Alcadia, Kitchen Moriya, yakiniku Beer-kan, manma, sushi dining Kiyomasa, Kihachi, Fukai, O-den, Sushi-Yasu, Bar Marble, Cafe Sputnik, Hide, Hattensho, Kita-dori, Irori, sushi bar End, Tokiya, robata Isabaya, Osteria Bar Uroko, Yoshida Sanpachi Shoten, yakiniku Rin, Jyokisen, sawa, Michi-no-eki caffeteria, robata Akari, sushi dining Tsuki, sushi Big Sun, yakiniku Manjiro, ice cream Rimo

Local Museum (7 in total): Drift Ice Museum, Prison Museum, Northern People’s Museum, Lake Tofutsu Nature Center, Abashiri Local Museum, Moyoro Shell Mound Museum, Abashiri Art Museum

PS. You get a second chance by showing a picture of shiba-zakura park (from May 3 to 31). Please check with the Tourist Board for more information.