13. Jul 2019 | News

Summer BBQ Event and…Fireworks!

This year the annual summer BBQ event is from July 27 (Sat) to 29 (Mon) at Abashiri Michi-no Eki (where the Tourist Board is located).  Just rent a small charcoal BBQ set (about 500 yen) and buy whatever you want to grill over it!  You can also get 3 drinks for 1000 yen with an advance ticket.  Tickets are sold at Michi-no Eki and local tourist information centers (at JR Abashiri station and Michi-no Eki)

The highlight of the event is the fireworks on the 27th.  It’s set at Abashiri River (right behind Michi-no Eki).  If you can’t get a good seat here, any of the bridges that cross the river will also provide a beautiful view 🙂

BBQ schedule
27th (Sat) 3pm to 9pm
28th (Sun) 3pm to 8pm
29th (Mon) 5pm to 8pm

27th (Sat) 7:30pm to 8:30pm