13. Apr 2020 | Others

It’s the Time to be Thankful

The figures change every hour, but as of noon of April 13, we have a total of 7410 patients in Japan of which 267 are from Hokkaido.  We’re blessed that no patients are from Abashiri as of yet. 

I’m also thankful: ♥ to those many people, including my friends, who are engaged in the medical service at this time.  Stay safe!! ♥ to my cat, Hanna, who stays with me when I need a warm touch. ♥ to my family and friends who drop by an email or phone call to see how I’m doing. ♥ to my local friends who check in to see that I’m surviving with the tourism industry shut down. ♥ to all of you who visit this website even when traveling is restricted😊   All are encouraging.

The “skunk cabbage” just started to show up in some areas in Abashiri.  This poor plant has a terrible name, but it looks like white carla lily only shorter in height.  When in full bloom, they show a very pretty sight in the dark swampy areas 👇

from 2019 spring

In mainland Japan, it’s the signature flower at Oze National Park, the marshland that overlaps Gunma, Fukushima, Niigata and Tochigi prefectures.

My web site is getting to be “bloggish” with my personal thoughts rather than updated local facts.  But at this timing when it’s hard to go out and look for new info, I guess it’s alright 😊