8. Aug 2022 | Nature

Hokkaido Trivia – Flowers in Hokkaido

Wild Flowers Preserves are located in various places in Hokkaido.  There’s more than 3 in the suburbs of Abashiri so you can imagine the number! 

One of the uniqueness of the flora in Hokkaido is that the alpine zone starts at a lower elevation than in Honshu mainland Japan.  Hokkaido lies between the northern latitudes of 41-45 degrees.  And so the tree line (ie edge of the habitat where tall trees can grow) which is at 3000m in Honshu starts at 1000m in Hokkaido.  From the tree line, trees will grow shorter and with less density.  At the same time, Dwarf Stone Pines and bountiful alpine flowers spread out before you.

In Abashiri where the latitude is 44 degrees north, some alpine flowers bloom not only at 1000m mountains, but also at sea level, too.  Imagine having your front yard with flowers that can only bloom in tall mountains in Honshu! 

I just visited Koshimizu Wild Flowers Preserve, just 20-minute drive from downtown Abashiri.  Koshimizu Wild Flowers Preserve is a narrow stretch of wild flower garden that lies between the Okhotsk Sea and Lake Tofutsu, a Ramsal Convention registered sanctuary for wild birds.  It’s an easy accessible place where many alpine flowers are assembled.  Colorful wild flowers such as Lemon Day-lilies, Thunberg Lilies and Dark Pinks were at their best when I visited and they’re just a few of the many you can see there!

Yes, Hokkaido does have beautiful flower fields and now you understand one of the reasons why.

Hope these bits of Hokkaido info helps your future activities here more exciting!

Koshimizu Wild Flowers Preserves