30. Dec 2022 | News

Drift Ice Museum Reopens w/New Exhibits on January 20, 2023

The Drift Ice Museum located in Abashiri City is under renovation right now, but will reopen with new exhibits on January 20, 2023 (Friday).

Details of the new Museum is still a “secret🤫” to the public, but the renovation is planned to give a strong ambience of walking under-the-drift-ice to the visitors.

Along with this renovation, the 3rd floor restaurant will also be renewed. A local French restaurant will join the team starting January 20th. The menu is not made clear yet, but hopefully casual and reasonable!

The Drift Ice Museum is located on the summit of Mt. Tento overlooking the city and the surrounding location including the Shiretoko mountains, the various lakes and the Okhotsk Sea. From its observatory, you can see for yourself the drift ice coming down slowly from the north and spreading out along the shores of Hokkaido!

Drift ice coming down south as seen from the observatory
At the observatory taking pictures