29. Mar 2023 | News

Hokkaido’s Sakura Forecast

The Japanese Meteorological Agency updated their forecast for 2023 on the blooming of cherry blossoms.

Here’s the forecast map for Hokkaido :

map is from the Weather News website

Hakodate area : April 18
Sapporo area : April 20
Muroran area : April 26
Obihiro area : April 26
Asahikawa area : April 27
Abashiri area : May 3
Wakkanai area : May 8
Kushiro area : May 9

You can look into the blooming dates for other areas with the aid of the color list on the left. The areas are colored differently according to the forecasted dates. Unless there’s strong rain or wind that causes the petals to fall, the flowers will bloom for about a week.

I hope this helps you to decide the dates of your visit to Hokkaido 🌸

rf. Weather News website https://weathernews.jp/s/topics/202301/110255/amp.html