6. May 2023 | Lifestyle

Hokkaido Trivia – Best Hairy Crabs in Season!

After the drift ice is gone from the shores and coastline of the ocean, then comes back the fishing season in the Okhotsk Sea.  The first catch that every local is looking forward to is the hairy crabs.  They are the best with plenty of meat with all the planktons they savored under the drift ice.  They are even branded as “hairy crabs after the drift ice”.  So, it’s the season NOW!!

And if you’re planning to go as the locals go – good amount of meat AND “kani miso (crab innards)” – never choose a large hairy crab that’s like 900 grams.  They are heavy and have a lot of meat, but no “kani miso”.  400 grams is too small for full amount of meat.  The best in proportion is about 600 grams.  You get good amount of meat AND “kani miso”. 

Crab innards?!  Ughhh?  Hahaha, believe it or not, many Japanese prefer the miso to the meat.

Happy eating and enjoy your holidays in Hokkaido!