6. May 2023 | News

Flowers in the Area

I’ve been asked these few days about the timing of flowers in bloom in this area – precisely the pink moss phlox in Higashi Mokoto and the tulips in Yubetsu.

Higashi Mokoto Pink Moss Phlox – the annual festival is being held from May 3 to May 31 at the Shibazakura Park in Higashi Mokoto. However, due to the warm spring this year, the flowers are in bloom earlier than usual. The park management says that they can’t guarantee that the flowers will be in bloom till the end of the festival. Once it’s in full bloom, the flowers only last for 1 week or so. Nevertheless, the park itself will be opened till the end of May.

Tulips at Yubetsu – they are also in doubt when the flowers will be over, again due to the warm weather. Unlike the Shibazakura Park, the tulip park will close when the tulips are over. It will not be opened until the end of May in that case.

I took this on April 29. See how pink it was already.

In case any of you are planning to visit these 2 parks this month….