11. May 2020 | News

Sakura Starts Blooming in Abashiri

The sakura cherry blossoms in Abashiri finally bloomed on May 7.  Four long-waited months since the first sakura flower bloomed in the southwestern islands of Okinawa early January this year.

I have my own observation point that I go and check out every year.  It’s an old tree at the foot of Mt. Tento along a half-deserted pathway.  (By the way, Mt. Tento is a hill just 207 meters sea level.)  How old it is, I don’t know.  But its twining branches, its crooked trunk and scorched bark tell me that the old man has been there for more than a couple of decades.  May he continue to be there and share his life and the rustic beauty with me!  It’s my wabi-sabi in Abashiri. 

From 2018. In about a week, the view will be like this!